How can we create a better future?
For us. For our customers. For our environment. Through one goal: finding ways to make our footprint smaller and smaller. Until it disappears altogether.

Impossible? Maybe. But that’s never stopped us before.

The best for our customers. And our environment.

Less is more.
Less CO2.
Less waste.
Less energy.

Others are put off by change. We live them every day.

Sustainability is not a corporate goal. It is our obligation.

We redefine the boundaries of what is possible.
For a tomorrow we love to live in.

Our goal is to revolutionize our industry. We achieve this by constantly innovating and improving our processes, reducing our carbon footprint step by step. Without compromising on the high quality of our products.

Jürgen Marzi, CEO

Circular Economy

Wasteless Production

Our vision is clear: production as a genuine circular economy. We are working on this in our own research department and have already taken the first major steps.



All aboard the GREENLINE

GREENLINE is our future. The entire product line consists of recycled plastic fibers or PVC-free material. We want to replace all textile materials with GREENLINE by spring 2024.



Let the sun in

The PV systems at our sites produce over 400,000 kWh/year. This covers around 75% of our electricity consumption. We obtain the rest from 100% green electricity.



Know your footprint

The start of our sustainability journey was the calculation of our actual CO₂ footprint. From there, our sustainability team worked with myClimate to optimize all of our processes.



LED there be light

By continuously optimizing our LED technology, we have developed products that save large amounts of electricity and energy – without any loss of quality.


Better Management

Digital Sustainability

The magic word: process optimization. Our software solutions enable our customers to precisely adapt the entire order and supply chain. This saves resources and minimizes waste.