Seamless wall design
for a perfect look.

TrevTex is our textile solution for seamless wall design without any frame systems. The wall decoration is glued directly to the wall. Unlike wallpaper, there are no transitions, as the entire wall is glued in one piece.

We are happy and proud to present a new product: TrevTex, the gamechanger in the wallpaper business. A textile wall decoration for large-scale design completely without transitions and gaps.

Whether you want to beautify your restaurant or hotel, need top quality murals for a long-term exhibition or museum, or are an architect in need of creative wall designs, TrevTex is the solution, even for your own four walls. Because the advantages over wallpaper are more than obvious, and in the truest sense of the word.

Courage for the gap!

Wallpapers are still a common solution for decorative walls. They are made of different materials and in various colors. However, wallpaper has a significant disadvantage, to create seamless transitions is almost impossible. Because to work so precisely that joint lies on joint, no gap arises or nothing overlaps, is very difficult even with years of experience and a steady hand. That’s why most people have come to terms with the transitions and see it as normal. But now, thanks to TrevTex, it’s over!

High time for a change of wallpaper.

Trevtex is the textile solution for a seamless wall design without any frame systems. The wall decoration is glued directly onto the wall. It holds on almost all surfaces and is easy to apply with the products specially designed for processing, such as the primer and adhesive. With us, you get everything from a single source. Our experts will be happy to do the preparation and application for you. If you prefer to do it yourself, we can provide you with all the necessary products for easy and perfect processing. Bring life to your walls.


Almost like wallpapering, only easier.

The handling is practical and very easy. First, the primer is applied to the wall. After a drying time of three to six hours, the adhesive follows.

TrevTex is applied directly from the roll to the wall, smoothed out and ready. Optionally, TrevTex can then be finished with a finish, which makes sense especially for busy walls that are exposed to harsh cleaning agents. Otherwise, it is already finished!

Thanks to the best quality, your wall will shine in new splendor, without any transitions or seams. Which patterns and motifs will appear on your wall is left to your imagination, TrevTex is customizable. Discover the future of modern wall design – TrevTex.

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Fancy a change of scenery?

Then close the gaps – with Trevtex. If you need more information or are interested in the new way of wall design, just contact us.