Beach Major Series

The beach volleyball championship in Vienna: this means countless excited viewers, keen to be thrilled in a gigantic stadium. TREVISION made sure that the look of the stadion matched the boisterous atmosphere.


A major event. The chief target: rapid realization. But the quality still had to be right. A vast area of 5,000 m² should be fashioned with vinyl sheets – for outside branding, lounge branding and for the VIP area. Additionally, a visual design was planned for the entire event site: for information towers, archways and more. Diverse materials and constructions were needed to ensure the highest quality.


The realization of such an enormous project within no time requires meticulous planning. A great number of productions could only be manufactured within days before the beginning of the event. However, the logistics of the deliveries was adjusted to this rapid pace: before the first match started, the whole stadion was shining in brilliant blue.

Photo credits: Beach Majors