Dairy Berchtesgadener Land

Alpine idyll in XXL format: TREVISION transformed the bleak metal façadeof the high-bay warehouse into a monumental artwork.

the task

In line with its surroundings. The metal façadeof the high-bay warehouse: zig-zag panels with pyramidal elevations. Drab and gray. This was meant to be changed. The Munich street artist Christian Hundertmark designed the motive for the planned covering: an alpine idyll, blending harmoniously into its surroundings. His artwork represents the essential elements of milk production: from cow to milk collection. The realization of this alpine atmosphere, encompassing around 1,500 m², was down to TREVISION.

High-quality material. We chose a high-quality 3M Controltac foil to realize this XXL project. The foil was printed with UV-curing inks, using our in-house high-performance digital printer.

In any wind and weather. Thanks to the additional UV laminate finishing, the printing withstands any weather conditions.

the solution

Anything but gray. The mounting was professionally implemented with the use of two cherry pickers. The drab grey of the façadenow belongs to the past. Instead it is decorated with an extensive artwork, which cannot be overseen from the freeway.