Exhibition Anthea Hamilton

For her exhibition “The New Life”, Anthea Hamilton conceptualized an extensive installation. It was realized by TREVISION – in less than a month.

the task

“The New Life” was Anthea Hamilton’s first solo exhibition in Austria. For this occasion, the main room should be entirely covered with a pattern: with a Hamilton tartan, which alters the perception of the whole room. The size of the tartan pattern was extensively discussed with both artist and curator. One check should be artistically effective but also practical – regarding costs and natural measurements alike. There was less than a month’s time between order and beginning of the exhibition. Such a situation requests efficient acting.

the solution

The right material. We chose a foil that clung tightly to wall and floor – still, it was detachable without residue. Together with two different laminates, it entirely covered an area of 1,200 m². Despite time pressure we succeeded in completing the project on schedule before the beginning of the exhibition – including planning, reference print and implementation.