From the column to the eye-catcher.

How a simple column becomes a spectacular spatial element? With TREVISION – on display at HYPO NOE in Vienna’s Wipplingerstrasse.


A column can be anything: either a spatial disruptive factor or a real visual highlight. TREVISION has achieved the latter with an innovative column cladding.

A special kind of room divider: A harmonious division of the customer and internal bank area – that was the objective. An unusual LED box was used for this purpose. Not with hard edges, but in a curved shape, so that the column fits harmoniously into the overall picture.
Hidden Highlight: If it is ever necessary to completely separate the customer and employee areas, a hidden extra of the light column comes into play. A sliding glass door that can be hidden inside and easily opened and closed electrically.

The solution

A column that is more than thata visual highlight on the one hand, and a beautiful, intelligent room divider on the other, so that bank employees and customers alike really feel at home.