Vienna Film Festival

For the annual film festival in front of the Vienna city hall, TREVISION created a suitable aesthetic atmosphere – including the styling of the entrance portal, VIP boxes and more.

the task

Creating a suitable setting. Numerous different surfaces that should be covered. The delivery of the necessary signage. An entrance portal made out of Forex boards, including its mounting. And all this had to be done under extreme time pressure: the natural measurements could only be taken after the planking had been built – the printing needed to be completed within a few days. To make not only the films an aesthetically pleasing experience.

the solution

Variety and Diversity. Diverse Materials led to success: TREVISION decided to use vinyl awning, adhesive foils, Forex boards, and more. We mastered the tricky coordination and the location could shine in new splendour Рon time, before the beginning of the film festival.